Spring in BC

Well, it’s been feeling like spring here for awhile. Actually, we hardly had winter! With only a dash of snow once or twice and temperatures not below -4*C, it was certainly the “winter that really wasn’t”. We did receive rain, but, less than normal. I know the East coast was hammered…..repeatedly….my condolences. So, here areIMG_2174 a few flowers on the balcony, taken a few weeks ago. The yellow Tulips are Tulipa viridiflora ‘Yellow Spring Green’ (yes, really) and the poky small evergreen is Cupressus m. “Lemon Scented” ( not really). 🙂 I do enjoy having some different colours, shapes and plant types out there.

Watch for Herbs later this spring! IMG_2192IMG_2190
If you’d like to browse some wonderful bulbs, check out http://www.vannoortbulb.com , a nearby wholesaler.
Happy Gardening!

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Jan. 26, 2014

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve been here. Other things just always seemed to be priority. I’m posting a few pictures from today’s balcony.
It’s interesting that the Sweet Box (Sarcoccoca) is actually sweet-smelling. It’s kind of like a toned down Hyacinth. If my little Hyacinths bloom when the Sweet Box still has flowers, it will be fun to compare. It’s been an incredibly warm (up to 10* C) January here with IMG_1329




IMG_1335lots of sun. Sorry to friends back East who are still freezing and shovelling piles of snow.
Till next time! Happy garden dreaming!

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These daffodils have been blooming for awhile. There are also white and blue Hyacinths; I love their fragrance! It is nice to have bulbs blooming so early. The protected balcony seems to allow it even sooner than on the cool ground. 🙂
On the down side, though, we’ve had a lot of rain in the last month. We cherish sunshine when we briefly see it.
Hope that as spring “really” happens this week everywhere, that you have some glimpse of it in your garden.
Till next time, happy gardening or garden-dreaming!

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Here’s the one with the Hebe and other bulbs.
I have to learn how to remove the picture info at the top. Anyone know how?
Loving the sun today!

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Same container today … Feb. 10th 🙂

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Here are some cut greens left from Christmas and ‘Feb. Gold’ Daffodils coming up. I love spring….especially in Feb.

Taken Feb. 3rd.

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February, already!

February, already!

The Sage is still green on the balcony. It’s not growing, though. However, it will take me awhile to get used to all this green in the in the winter around here. 🙂

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