Christmas on the balcony!


It’s almost Christmas and I’ll bet that many of you are getting excited, especially those with young ones around. 🙂 I remember when our two kids were so eager for Santa to arrive…… Now, as gardeners, we are often much more eager for spring to arrive. Out here in southern BC, it may be that winter has just started, but, it still feels like fall to me. Our high today will be 6*C and more rain. It’s been more or less like that since the end of Oct. As you can see in this picture, the daffodils that I planted in Nov. thought it was spring & started coming up. They’ve stopped now. I’ll let you know when they bloom. By the way, the small evergreen with them is a dwarf Hebe that will have purple flowers in the spring.

I’m looking forward to enjoying egg-nog with friends and family over the holiday and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!SAMSUNG       SAMSUNG

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2 Responses to Christmas on the balcony!

  1. I’m looking forward to watching the progress of your balcony garden, I bet I’ll be green with envy in April when you have blooms and we will still have snow.

  2. Maureen Kedian says:

    Great – I’ve finally found your blog 🙂 You’ve reminded me of the hebe I had in England – I guess your BC blog is going to make me even more home (garden)sick for the plants I can’t grow here in SW Ontario!

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